Elisabeth Thomson

March and April, 2017. 

Elisabeth Thomson– Artist Statement:

I was trained in graphic and fine arts in Ottawa and Haliburton, Ontario. I have been exhibiting and selling my work in watercolour, pencil and acrylic since 1982. My style and subject matter have shown wide diversity over the years. Recently, I have begun to focus on landscapes, florals and music themed pieces, though in earlier years I was fascinated with the figure and took many life drawing courses and workshops. I am still excited when I receive a portrait commission, and I sometimes weave the human form or face into landscapes or abstracts, either intentionally or subconsciously.
I am inspired by a love of the outdoors, having spent much of my youth in a rustic, log cabin near Gatineau Park. I now enjoy sketching and painting at our cottage in the Haliburton Highlands, which has become my second studio. I love to travel and many of my art works are based on sketches and photographs brought home from local and remote wild places and trips abroad.
Some of my work is highly realistic, while I also enjoy playing with reality by means of abstraction and metamorphosis. If you visit my gallery, you will see paintings in many stages of completion. There is often a stick of conte or a pencil lying around for times when I see something I wish to add or change before it is complete. I know that art isn’t always static. Sometimes pleasant images appear quickly and easily, while other times they evolve slowly and over time.
I began my artistic training as a teenager during a four year art program in Ottawa, after which I sold pencil portraits on commission while working in a gallery in Hull, Quebec. I went on to study literature at Trent University and education at the University of Ottawa. After this, I spent many years working with young children while selling my work at shows and in galleries.
I am happy to welcome visitors to our Carp River Studio, here in the lovely and serene village of Fitzroy Harbour. In my large studio overlooking the Carp River, I offer art classes to children and adults. Classes are relaxed and reasonably priced, as well as being flexible to fit any schedule.
Contact information:
Email: lizthomson28@gmail.com