Maciek Peter Kozlowski

Art for July and August 2018.

Artist Statement:

Bringing You Joy through Art
The aim of the works is to evoke a new set of emotions and visions both in me and in the viewer. To produce a new sensation, like a new taste. To communicate ideas with visual language that touches the emotions directly first, before the intellectual familiar brain looks for recognizable patterns and familiar emotions.
The newness of the thought and idea about the subject is more important than the physical representation of the subject. Ideally it needs to be original, at least original to me. The idea takes over and governs representation. The idea must have meaning by deepening my understanding for me to give it studio time.
I do not imagine a scene, or see it from life, and then “reproduce” it. I am more interested in discovering what colour, line, shape, and form makes me experience.
I fight not to remain in one specific style or subject matter for long. I purposely only make short collections in a particular style and medium so I do not get too comfortable. This gives me an ever expanding range of materials to work with. Favourites are vintage components to make assembly pieces, structures and sculptures from wood, plaster, and metal, oil painting, acrylic painting, digital and hybrid sketches and compositions, video, and collage.
My art has become a synonym and an expression of my life state in all its harmonious contradictions.

Maciek Peter Kozlowski is a multi award winning international artist. His awards include Artist of the Year in the U.K . in 2017 at
He has been producing art for 30 years.
His works are in numerous private collections in Europe, Japan, and U.S.A. and Canada.

Contact Info
Instagram: @maciekpeter
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cel: 613.292.7512