Featured artist: March and April 2020

Evan Romeo

Born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada in 1985, three consistent aspects of Evan’s life have been his passion for art, competition in athletics and desire to incorporate both ideals as a teacher through education. As a teacher, Evan’s passion to balance both artistic endeavours and encourage an active lifestyle through sports has been a prevalent theme.

Evan received a Bachelor of Visual Arts with a focus in painting and a minor in Physical Education from Castleton University, Vermont. Evan was recruited to play hockey at Castleton in the competitive ECAC Division, NCAA III. Having played hockey for 4 years, he graduated Cum Lauda and was awarded the Academic Achievement Award by the Visual Arts Department, their highest award granted.

Upon graduating, Evan continued his hockey career in semi-professional leagues throughout the United States. Injuries have taken their toll, Evan retired from competitive hockey and immediately was accepted into Queen’s University’s Teacher Certification program in Art and Physical Education programs in 2012. Since graduating, Evan has become a teacher in Ottawa and most recently received his Honours Specialist in Visual Arts through Western University. Evan is now focusing his energy on teaching and further developing his passion for the creation of art.

Evan has been drawn to graphic designs, colourful imagery and surrealistic storylines from a young age, making comic books a perfect vehicle for a creative imagination as a child. Many of Evan’s paintings draw inspiration from these early childhood memories. Much of his work communicates ambiguity and wonder to audiences, combining multiple painting techniques to express colourful and whimsical scenes.

 A sequence in Evan’s painting process dictates much of the outcome of the art. Fostering play by mixing media such as spray paint and oil paints, reveals visions and sparks inspiration, continuing the painting journey.  Evan’s final artworks look to give audiences creative licence to say what is happening, allowing personal narratives with each painting. So while viewing Evan’s art, let your imagination run wild and have fantasy take you to another domain while creating your own storylines.

Evan Romeo’s Art website: https://evanromeoart.wixsite.com/romeo