My name is Patricia Fiorino and I am a locol artist and also a teacher with OCSB. I have been teaching elementary and high school students for 23 years. As a passionate artist and teacher, I have always integrated art into education. Six of my teaching years were spent working as the elementary art consultant, supporting art implementation across OCSB schools. I currently work with McHugh School at CHEO and use art as a means to promote mental health, well-being, and self-regulation.


I have always been passionate about art and creativity and can’t think of a time that art, (music, theater, and visual arts), has not been part of my life. In the last 15 years I started to make visual art a personal focus, rather than a teacher focus, and haven’t looked back as an artist since.


It is important to me that my artistic process allows me to play, find joy, heal and discover. In my current works I use alcohol ink, gypsum-based paste, and acrylic paint to play with texture, form, proportion, and color. As a child growing up in Scotland I was always drawn to the beauty of flowers. I loved the movement and color of wild flowers and I remember the joy of making wildflower crowns. They also helped me heal while experiencing trauma in my childhood. Today, whether it is nurturing flowers in my garden, or creating flowers in my art, I am brought back to that childhood sense of joy, wonder and peace. This show is a representation of the power of art to heal, give voice, and the fun of creative play.