Chris Johnson is an Ottawa area artist working primarily in acrylic on canvas. Inspired by nature, her works explore small worlds among forested retreats and vacation destinations.

`Art-making provides me with a method of collecting and cataloguing highlights from my time spent in nature. My wandering is often defined by my habit of search and discovery. My searches reveal favourite things: found objects, mysterious spaces, vivid colour and atmospheric light.

My recent series of work, including studies of local trees and trail-side mushrooms, is a departure from my previous approach and method.                                                                                  A decade of reducing nature to sharp, colour-rich, silhouetted forms using hand-drawn stencils left me missing the immediacy of brushwork. My new work aims to flesh out the form and nuances of light and dark, relying on this tonal work first to create atmosphere. Subtle and transparent layers of colour can then give further life to these spaces.`

Chris continues to experiment on ways to define her sensory experience of landscape.

Chris Johnson is a graduate of Mount Allison University and has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions. She currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario.