Featured artist: September and October 2019


J. Morin 1 Hemlo Cres., Kanata, ON K2T 1C7

Artist Statement

Throughout my career I have been motivated by a variety of subject matters triggered by emotion, travel, life in its entirety of discovery.

My current focus embraces familiar hideaways, safe, reflective, cool, warm in thought and visit. I venture into current and past happy places that stabilize the emotion imbalance brought on by existing. These sanctuaries have been found through accident, travel and global exploration. I find myself frequently wandering the paths of my youth in the Gatineau Park.

While visiting these places, I absorb the healing flow of my personal treasure. I note and interpret the karma around me. With sketches and notes I document my vision in preparation for the studio.

My artistic vocabulary continually under review, serves as my tool for expression. I simplify the scene and change the realistic colours to a palette that is intuitive and speaks to me.

With anticipation I work, rework my art work until I find the expression of the emotions first experienced. Once complete, with reluctance I offer to share my experience to see if others see what I see.